115 Chamerstrasse 6300
Zug, Switzerland
Email: info@vitaltrendsgmbh.com

About Us - VitalTrends GmbH
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About Us

"The consumer is the most important point on the production-line" - W. Edwards Deming

About Us

Founded by our President and CEO, Mr Panicos Hadjichambis who had a wide and extensive global business experience in 2006. We have been involved in the field of cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals for several years before creating our own caviar line and placing the foundations for new ones to come. During this period we have invested in research, knowledge and product development always striving for the quality Switzerland is famous for.


We have selected one of the best laboratories in Europe to manufacture our products with the highest standards and technology, under the strictest regulations. Furthermore, we use the services of special laboratories to test the safety and efficiency of our products as provided by the requirements of the European legislation. With this, we are always confident to recommend our products as safe and efficient to be used by anyone for prevention, repair and rejuvenation.


All our products are registered with Intertek, thus meeting the strict requirements of Saudi Arabian authorities. Over and above we have our products registered in many more countries, which reinforces the proof of our quality.

Worldwide Presence

  • High quantity production
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • R&D and product development

Quality and Innovation for great products

At Vital Trends GmbH, we have adopted the Swiss philosophy where high quality and continuous innovation are the essentials in the formula of success. However, above all, our customers are the most important part of our production line. As a company, we strive for quality, growth and evolution, always keeping an eye on our moral compass.


The future in the world of beauty looks bright and Vital Trends GmbH is bound to be a major trend setter. Our dedicated research lab is always looking into new technologies, better science and more sustainable sources. Beauty is an ever changing field and this fact provides a vast amount of opportunities.


Our story continues, looking into the future, we will always remain customer-centric, open to change and working towards leaving a legacy in the field of beauty.


Panicos Hadjichambis

President and CEO

January 2020