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Sustainability - VitalTrends GmbH
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world" – Mahatma Gandhi

Sustainability is an integral part of our business activities and our business philosophy. Guided by our mission statement “In Health & Beauty We Believe”, we aim to positively affect our consumers by improving their quality of life through health and beauty. While this is the driving force behind our developments, our efforts are also focused in improving environmental and social sustainability.


Protecting The Environment


We believe in health and beauty of all kinds, starting from our planet, its environment and the life it creates and feeds with its own pure health and beauty. Therefore, efforts are made to protect the environment and improve its sustainability.


We take part in environmentally proactive innovation by implementing sustainable practices into our supply chain, packaging, and ingredients. Furthermore, we offer full transparency and understanding of our product’s ingredients, among consumers and collaborators. Vitaltrends is contributing to the mission to end deforestation by making progress with reducing paper consumption (smart packaging, e-leaflets) and the use of palm oil extracts. We comply with the best industry standards and veterinary regulations to protect the species from which caviar extracts are obtained (sturgeon) and stop animal extinctions. Finally, we are stepping up efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and water usage, while working to reduce and recycle waste (recyclable paper packaging and PET containers) in order to lessen the burden placed on the environment.


Protecting The Skin


Due to the impact of climate change and other factors on the global environment, excessive UV ray exposure and increased pollution is predicted to occur. These changes have a detrimental effect on the health of our skin. Vital Trends is constantly collaborating with scientists and researchers to ensure innovation and effectiveness. Our product development is focusing on the relationship between the environment and the skin. Specialized, highly active ingredients are hand-picked to create innovative products in order to improve skin protection against UV rays and reactive oxygen species, as well as skin health and beauty.


Empowering Gender Equality & Fairness


Vital Trends develops a range of innovative, unisex products improving people’s self-image and confidence. We believe in gender equality and fairness not only regarding the development and use of our products but also the structure of our business. We offer equal opportunities of employment and promote gender equality in all activities of our company, empowering the world and our society.