115 Chamerstrasse 6300
Zug, Switzerland
Email: info@vitaltrendsgmbh.com

Innovation - VitalTrends GmbH
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“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” –Thomas A. Edison

Vital Trends, since its creation, has been focusing on science and technology as the drivers for their innovation. In order to keep evolving in this competitive market and to keep producing effective and innovative products available to everyone, our company relies on three main values:


1. Advanced R&D. This consists of continuous enrichment of scientific knowledge, as well as collaborations with experts in the field, which lead to the discovery of new active innovative ingredients. Their most appropriate combination is extensively investigated, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our products.


2. Applied research and formulation. We collaborate with some of the world’s leading Swiss laboratories, based on the latest scientific developments and trends, to develop unique, effective and innovative formulations for our products.


3. Development. The developed formulas are adapted to the unique identity of each product, followed by extensive evaluation and testing by the appropriate experts, before entering the market.


Innovation in our company is also ensured by the use of new technologies for research, product analysis and effectiveness, as well as constant dialog between science and marketing experts. Last but not least, we always ensure attentive listening to world-wide consumers and collaborators, embracing diversity of beauty and skin care rituals, to ensure evolution of product development and future personalisation of skin care.

The Laboratory